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Integrate robust version
If the game has some succes in the stores there might be a possibility that I will take a closer look at this simple leaderboard system and integrate a more robust version.

Top 1000 ranking on website
The 50 best players from around the world will be shown inside of the game. On this website you have the option to check out the top 1000 ranks. Click here to go to the leaderboards.

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Jump Hero: Hardcore Jumper released for iOS and Android https://didado.net/jump-hero-hardcore-jumper-released-for-ios-and-android/ https://didado.net/jump-hero-hardcore-jumper-released-for-ios-and-android/#respond Sat, 12 May 2018 15:22:11 +0000 https://didado.net/?p=49 Jump Hero is now released for Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can download the game for free from it’s respective iOS and Android store.

Jump Hero, as the game title already suggests, is a hardcore endless platform jumper. Jump on as many platforms as you can reach and set a high score. I developed Jump Hero to be a hardcore game in mind.

To make it even harder, collect the flying coins to unlock the bonus level. This won’t be an easy task. I’m curious which person sets the first world record on the unlocked Dark Cavern level. It’s an ode to the hardcore 8 bit and 16 bit area, where some of the games where so hard that only the hardcore players where able to unlock certain parts of various hardcore games. Good luck.

Download for free:

Jump Hero Hardcore Jumper Platform Game Google Play Jump Hero Hardcore Jumper Platform Game App Store

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