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Developer: DiDaDo, based in Krimpen aan de Lek, The Netherlands

Release Date: Aug 2018

Type: Platformer Action

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS
Android: Link to store
iOS link: Link to store

Website: Landing page

Social: Facebook , Twitter

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Short Description:

Ode to the 8 bit era where games where so hard only the hardcore player survives

Full Description:

Jump Hero is a hardcore endless platform jumping game.

Jump on as many platforms as you can reach and set a high score. We developed Jump Hero to be a hardcore game in mind.
To make it even harder, collect the flying coins to unlock the bonus level. This won’t be an easy task. We are curious which person sets the first world record on the unlocked Dark Cavern level.

Jump Hero is an ode to the hardcore 8 bit and 16 bit era, where some of the games where so hard that only the hardcore players where able to unlock certain parts of various hardcore games. Good luck.

Jump Hero includes a simple but easy and fast cross-platform global leaderboards system.

Check our website and social media for competitions with real prices.


My name is Rob. In a few words, I’m a real tech-nerd and creative person. In my spare time I develop games for fun. I just recently released my first finished mobile game Jump Hero. Now I’m on for my next adventure into game development.

My main interests are:

– Web development
– Graphic design / 3d modeling
– Motion graphics
– Unity Game Developer
– Virtual Reality with Unity
– C# programming

At the moment I’m learning game development and programming with Unity and C#. I already have skills in digital painting, logo design, animated logo’s, 3d animations, banner design, comic art, character design, 2d graphics and 3d graphics.

My interests are Virtual Reality, everything related to gaming, adobe creative suite, 3d modelling and a broad interest in technology.

See some examples of my various work on my linked In profile.
Also check out for even more examples.

Jump Hero Hardcore Jumper

Once I got the hang of Unity and C#, I started working on Jump Hero. I worked on my game in my spare time, and although it had its up and downs, it was a rewarding experience.

I really enjoyed working on Jump Hero and as long as people play the game and they enjoy it like I do, I’ll keep updating the game with more content.  That way I can expand my creativity and through the completion and release of my game I learned a lot.

For now the gameplay is very basic, but I do think the game is addictive. In my experience games don’t need tons of different elements to be good. It’s about the feeling you get when you keep hitting that Play button over and over again. That’s what I’m looking for. I’ve seen some of my friends and family play Jump Hero hours on end, just to set a higher ranking on the global leaderboard. I think the fast and easy leaderboard system helps players to keep score, just like we used to do on our Nintendo and Sega games.
In the end, that’s what I think gaming is all about and I’m proud to be a small part of it now.

Promo video Jump Hero: Hardcore Jumper

Screenshots of some gameplay

Download screenshots as .zip

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